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This extremely affordable entry level digital drum kit from Sudoku impresses with it's amazing playability, easy assembly and setup, realistic Hi-Hat action and unbelievable price tag! Best suited for players just getting into drumming and requiring realistic but silent practice.

Basic Set come with:
Crash cymbal
Ride cymbal
Hihat cymbal
Snare drum
Bass drum
Tom 1Tom 2Floor tom
Hihat stand
Single Kick Pedal

Also comes with:
Bass Headphone, Adapter, Drum Mat, Drum Key, Cables, Handphone holder, Drum Stick, Drum stick silicone cover, 80w Drum Amp.

Product Demo Video (click here)

Sudoku Digital Drum HP (Complete Family Pack)

RM1,998.00 Regular Price
RM1,900.00Sale Price
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